Autocav Hydraulic

Autocav Hydraulic

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The CS AutoCav Hydraulic has been engineered for smooth, quiet, reliable operation every time. It is designed to be either an automatically closing or automatically opening door. As a result these CS AutomaticUnits are ideal as workshop doors, swimming pool access doors or for use in darkrooms and restaurants.

Closing speed is adjustable. Standard setup is to have a slow start followed by quicker speed in the middle then slow again at the end.

Magnetic locks may also be incorporated, as well as electronic switching devices to operate the lock. Should you wish to upgrade to a fully automated door some time in the future, you can do so easily with the addition of an electronic motor, controller and power supply.

Max. size: Custom sizes up to 3000mm high x 3500mm wide
Max. Door Weight:     240kg
Wall Framing: 90mm
Wall Linings 10mm, 13mm, other

Incorporate any of the following architectural detail options with CS AutoCav Hydraulic to create a specific look or to provide a unique solution:

Single Bi-Parting
Suitable Door Types
NewYorker® AluTec®
Timber Doors  

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