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Sliding Door Hardware

CS CaviLock

CaviLock handles and locks for cavity sliders and sliding doors are designed and manufactured in New Zealand. Whether you need a sliding door latch or a cavity door lock, our cavity slider hardware has passage or privacy options to suit most residential, commercial and hospitality applications.


We also provide a select range of hardware from other suppliers.


Architectural Cavity Slider Hardware

CL400 Magnetic cavity slider handle

Stylish architectural hardware with magnetic latch suitable for cavity sliders


Residential cavity slider handles

CL200 Cavity Slider Handle

Range of Passage and magnetic latching Privacy handles for cavity sliders


Accessible sliding door toilet lock

CL100 LaviLock cavity slider lock

Code compliant commercial-grade disabled toilet access lock


Accessible sliding door hardware

CL400 ADA Magnetic cavity slider hardware

Pull Handle with magnetic latching function and vacant/engaged indication


Commercial cavity slider hardware

CL100 Lever Handle

Commercial lever handle combined with the CL100 Mortice Lock


Commercial flush sliding door hardware

CL100 Flush Turn for sliding doors

Circular flush turn combined with the CL100 Mortice Lock


Digital cavity slider door lock

CL100 DigiLock for sliding doors

Digital lock combined with the CL100 Mortice Lock


Flush cavity slider lock

CL100 Louise for sliding doors

Style and elegance with a practical lock. Suitable for aluminium doors


Flush side pulls for cavity sliders

Flush Pulls for cavity sliders

A range of flush side pulls to suit timber or aluminium doors


Front of door edge pull for cavity sliders

Front Edge Pulls for cavity sliders

High quality front edge pulls for timber or aluminium doors


Pull handles for sliding doors

Pull Handles for cavity slider doors

Pull handles for sliding doors including Frameless Glass doors


Cavity slider floor bolt

Tower Bolt for cavity slider doors

Floor bolt for use with CS manufactured doors


Jexis cavity release

Jexis Door Ejector

Alternative to front edge of door hardware


Euro profile cylinder

Euro Cylinder

Euro Profile cylinders. Keyed alike or keyed to differ configurations