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Sliding wardrobe doors are a space saving wardrobe door option that requires no additional room in front of the unit for the doors to open outwards. The sliding door trackset allows for multiple wardrobe doors to slide from side to side along the track. No floor tracks are required on our standard systems. Floor coverings can be laid through the opening, creating a neat finish.

CS Wardrobe Sliders are a sliding door system that includes the track, guides and jambs. The double or triple top track is designed to work with standard thickness internal door panels so that you can match your wardrobe doors to your other internal doors. CS SofStop soft close sliding wardrobe gear can be used with this system to ensure a smooth soft close.

Our sliding wardrobe door components can be used with CS DoorLeaves and CaviLock hardware for a complete wardrobe door system.



TopFix 2T90 Wardrobe Slider for 90mm framing

TopFix 2T90 Wardrobe Slider

An easy to fit sliding wardrobe door system for 2 door setups. 90mm framing.


Premier 2T140 Wardrobe Slider 140mm framing

Premier 2T140 Wardrobe Slider

Premium sliding wardrobe door solutions for 2 or 4 door setups. 140mm framing.


Premier 3T190 Wardrobe Slider for 190mm framing

Premier 3T190 Wardrobe Slider

Premium sliding wardrobe door solutions for 3 or 6 door setups. 190mm framing.