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CS Cavity Sliders can be configured in a multitude of different ways to suit different applications. For non-standard jambs or unusual configurations, talk to our sales team for assistance with specification. Extra large cavity sliders will automatically have components upgraded to ensure they are suitable.

Heavy doors:

For extra large or heavy doors we have carriage options available for up to 120kg, 240kg or a heavy duty track and carriage system suitable for doors up to 500kg

Some of the common cavity slider solutions we offer:


Extra Stiffeners

Intermediate studs are added to cavity pockets when the door width is over 920mm


3-cell Split Jamb

Where additional split jamb (front stay) support is required, ask for a 3-cell split jamb (CS Timberformed cavity pockets)


Ply Panel

For additional stability on one side of the cavity pocket (i.e. for fixing of rails etc.) a ply panel can be added.


Bracing Walls

For installation into a wall where bracing is required, use the CS BraceWall cavity slider.

Products for Stability


Timber framed cavity sliders that can be customised with stronger jambs and additional components.


Oversized cavity slider solution for really big or heavy doors, 140mm stud


Cavity slider with Wind & Earthquake bracing units. BRANZ Appraised.


Premium flush skinned aluminium doors for use in large openings or oversized room dividers

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