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Cavity sliders are a practical space saving solution for bathrooms, en suites, laundry and other wet areas. CS Cavity Sliders are suitable for installation into bathroom and internal wet areas if correct installation and waterproofing procedures are followed. There are some practical things to consider first:

  • • H3.1 treated timber
    Treated jambs, nogs and skirting blocks can be requested (all options available from CS).

  • • Plumbing
    Consider where plumbing needs to run - it cannot run in the pocket. A false wall beside the pocket may be required.

  • • Tiled walls
    If you are tiling, we can supply the cavity frame with ply on the side to be tiled. A false wall is not required

  • • Non-standard width jambs
    Tiling your pocket or running a false wall beside your cavity pocket will require a non-standard width jamb on one side - we can provide this for you.


Download Brochure

Download a brochure for more information on cavity sliders in wet areas



Download our branded specification from masterspec. Contact us for help with specifying


Download Test Report

Download Test Report for cavity slider with ply panel


Installation Tips

Tips for installing cavity sliders in bathrooms and wet areas

Products for Bathrooms


Timber framed cavity sliders. Ask for a full or partial sheet of ply on one side.


Frameless glass cavity sliders with frosted glass


Stylish architectural hardware with Snib/Emergency option for bathrooms


Privacy handles with Snib/Emergency option for bathrooms

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