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CS Cavity Sliders are preferred by architects due to the large range of products and options on offer. We can work with you on custom projects to refine and create your vision. CS products are BRANZ appraised, New Zealand Designed and manufactured, with a written guarantee up to 10 years.



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Peter is passionate about CS products and the benefits they offer you. He is keen to engage with architects and is ready to discuss your next sliding door opportunity. Please get in touch if there is a current project or technical detail that you are looking for assistance with.

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Cavity Sliders Range

NZ's biggest range of cavity sliders, with specialised and customised solutions available.


Cavity Slider Finishing Details

Customise your cavity slider with a combination of specialised jamb details and finishing options.


Aluminium Doors for Cavity Sliders

Doors suitable for cavity sliders, sliding doors, pre-hung or pivot doors.


Cavity Slider Handles

Handles and locks for cavity sliders designed and manufactured in New Zealand.

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