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Why Specify CS For Doors Products?

Specification is the crucial process of choosing the materials and products that go together to make up your finished project. All of these products must fulfil their purpose otherwise the whole process may be compromised.
The basis behind specifying a brand or type of product is that there is an established trust by the specifier that the product will perform. This is often backed up by independent industry regulators who test these products. CS For Doors has proven that quality since 1986 to specifiers. BRANZ have tested and endorsed us. Most CS products are by their very nature integral to the wall construction. Should a substitute be used and fail, costly work is inevitably required to remedy the situation. Not to mention all the hassle.

Full specifications are available from Masterspec. Click the link below to go straight to our branded spec. For unique or customised projects, contact our Architectural Rep for advice.


Her is an example of how to specify the CS BraceWall unit from our CS CavitySliders range.
This example also shows how you can integrate products from other CS ranges to create a complete doorway solution. In this case we are fitting a door from our CS DoorLeaves range and adding a CL100 Flush Turn lock from the CaviLock hardware range.

CS BraceWall Cavity Slider (example)

Location: Dining room
Door leaf dimensions: 910mm x 2400mm
Door type: CS NewYorker 1-lite door
Door finish: Natural anodised, with 6.38mm opal laminate glass
Single or Bi-Parting: Single
Closing action: SofStop®Single soft close
Jamb type & finish: Timber flat (for architraves); pine
Framing size & material: 90mm timber framing
Wall lining thickness: 10mm
Bracing units required: 109 E/Quake & Wind
Floor type: Concrete
Handle type: CaviLock CL400 Magnetic Snib/Emergency; Satin Chrome


To avoid disappointment specify: “No Substitution”

Download complete specification guide

CS Specification Guide PDF