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CS Cavity Sliders are all about creating space. Cavity sliding doors are a great option where space is at a premium, requiring no swing space and saving around 1m² of floor area. Cavity slider doors simply disappear inside the wall,  leaving floor and wall space free, giving you more room for furniture, artwork and appliances.

Choosing the right cavity slider for your project may be more important than you think! It's important to choose a high quality product that will last - remember the frame ends up inside your wall!  Our cavity sliders are available in standard sizes and made to order custom sizes. Choose a standard or soft close cavity slider frame from the product range below, then head to the Door Leaves section to choose a door to suit. 

Watch our video to see how it all works.

Cavity Sliders Product Range


Residential Cavity Slider Doors

Timber framed cavity sliders. Standard sizes or made to order


Accessible Cavity Slider Door

EasyOpen WC

Complete solution for accessible toilet doors. Minimum door width 910mm


Internal Sliding Doors

SquareFormed Cavity Slider

Square stop full height cavity slider solution


Oversize cavity sliding door

Ultimate Heavy Duty Cavity Slider

Oversized cavity slider solution for big or heavy doors, 140mm stud


Stacking Cavity Door System

Overtaking Doors

2 or more doors slide from one pocket to span a wide opening. Up to 5 doors.


glass interior sliding door

Frameless Glass

Frameless glass cavity sliders made to measure. Different glass types available.


Sliding door for bracing wall

Bracewall Cavity Slider

Cavity slider with BRANZ appraised Wind & Earthquake bracing units


Sound reducing cavity door

SoundStop Cavity Slider

Cavity slider supplied with specialised door leaf for acoustic rating up to STC 42


Automatic residential doors

Autocav Residential cavity slider

Plug & play automated cavity slider for high end residential projects


Automatic Security Door

Autocav Commercial Cavity Slider

Fully automated cavity sliders with a range of finishing and operating options


Self closing cavity door

Raking Head cavity slider

Self closing cavity slider with soft close. Up to 50kg door weight


Cavity Slider for X-ray room

X-Ray Barrier Cavity Slider

For use in isotope areas or where diagnostic x-ray apparatus is used

Popular Cavity Slider Products

Full height cavity slider door

Floor to ceiling sliding door system

Up to 2700 x 2700mm

Corner meeting cavity sliders

Up to 2700 x 2700mm

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